Today many people go for long vacation to stay hale and hearty. They usually think of planning their trips by buses, trains, planes or some other mode of transport. Very rare among us think of traveling through cruises. In their mind cruises never comes as a wonderful option and therefore they end up driving all through the destination and make themselves feel tiresome. Coastal regions like Bombay, Kochi, Goa can be easily routed through cruises not only saves time but gives you an imperial treatment also.

  • Travel hassle free with no drawing maps and route charts. Enjoy the journey freely, free from logistics as the staff on the cruise takes care of everything.
  • Almost all the expenses are included in the fare of the cruise. This includes lodging, on-board activities including food. This is in turn saves lot of money and a great deal as a time and money saver.
  • You can plenty of choices when it comes to treating yourself kingly. You even get the options of swimming pools, spas, variety of India authentic and English Cuisines and much more. Therefore, no hunting for food and entertainment.
  • Cruises also do not cost any hidden charges which many hotels and inns charge from guest. This includes things like room service. Many cruise ships provide 24 hour room service which is included in the price of the boarding ticket. In regular hotels it could cost a lot of money for those types of services.
  • While you travel in cruise you will get an offer of enjoying variety of activities in which you can participate while you are on board. You enjoy live music, dancing, theatres, shows, swimming classes, ice skating and much more.
  • If you are a traveler you want to make your journey more learning camp and you love exploring places then traveling via crises is certainly a good option. You will get time to visit ports and therefore you will get chance to explore many new places, its vegetation, people, habitat, culture and much more.