To get the fascinating experience of travelling and enjoy the majestic rich cultural heritage of India, the country provides various luxury transports to give warm hospitality for welcoming guests. For visiting the splendid plains, high rising Himalayas, crowded and bustling markets we carefully craft your itineraries and make sure that our guests don’t waste their time while travelling trivial destinations. With a view of offering comfortable and safe journey we offer numerous luxury transport options which also connect Indian geographical areas together.

Luxury Trains:

Visiting temples, monasteries, shrines, battlefields and monuments all takes no time when you enjoy the  travel in luxury train. For taking the most vivid and exciting experience of your travel various luxury trains are available which escorts our guests from various places to other destinations. Palace on Wheels and other Rajasthan Royals on Wheels route to various cities of Rajasthan. Also take a ride of Golden Chariot and Deccan Odyssey through the crisscrossing states of South India. For making your travel more enjoyable and exciting try boarding The Indian Maharajas for roaming through Central North India. Visit the World Heritage sites of Agra and Khajuraho and magnificent forts of Jaipur and Jodhpur.

Private Jets:

Those individuals seeking for long vacation would definitely look for all comfortable options which could make their travel comfortable. Chartering a private plane for a vacation is yet another option which could give all comfort and make your travel luxurious. You can gain the utmost luxurious experience which gives you ability to fly in comfort and get to see the most majestic destinations by fastest means of transport.


When we talk about cruise holidays we think of more luxurious travel around corners of India which fascinates us. There are cruise options in India which makes your travel more exciting and adventurous Taking a Goa Cruise you can roam about Kochi, Mumbai and other coastal regions. It also takes you to watch the silver beauty of the moon therefore you will get mesmerized by the silver beauty. Kerala Backwater Cruise gives you an amazing experience of backwaters of Kerala. It takes you along the breathtaking canals, lagoons and lakes. Moreover, Andaman Cruises spells out the charm when you get to see the wonderful places including Andaman, Chennai, Kolkata and Visage. Take an exciting trip with holiday packages.

Vintage Cars:

Indian Transport also offers the facility of offering vintage cars for having an exciting view of places in Goa, Pondicherry etc. You can make your travel more aristocratic and cozy by roaming about the palaces and monuments using vintage cars.