Hippie Theme at Goa

Goa is considered as one of the enthralling tourist spot in our country. Whenever we think of enjoyment and exciting activities we at once think about spending gala time at Goa. It reminds us undertaking exciting activity on the attention grabbing beaches of Goa, exploring its dense flora and fauna, appreciating the charming beauty of the sea and the Carnival.

The state is well-known for its night life and celebrities including common people enjoy trendy parties which give an experience of pleasure.   A retro themed party is sure to bring a smile to the face of any all grown up flower child. The night parties have become trendy because of the Hippies who started this drift. The hippie theme party draws people to awe-inspiring state from all over the world. The rocking music and colorful lifestyle tie-dyed t-shirts, bell bottomed pants and posters with peace symbols.

The city enjoys day-glow colors which brighten up the occasion and the delicious cakes and bakery products boost the day with better mood and fun. Being a perfect destination for fun loving people who love natural scenic beauty, nightlife, fashion, beautiful beaches, ambience, Goa Hippie Theme party is one such evening joint where people can hang out. Enjoy the Goan culture with Goan delicacies which is a blend of Portugese food and local Konkani style. Have vibrant time with friends and drink and dine at Goa hippie theme party.

Here Anjuna Beach rocks with popular night parties every New Year. Gather here with your friends to enjoy dance performances, live band shows, traditional Goan cuisine and drinks throughout the night.  Add zinx to your party bash by Goa’s folk music Mandos and Dulpods, Konkani songs and special Goan liquor, Feni (prepared from coconut or cashew apple juice.