Grand Royal Welcome

A welcome that that is befitting of an erstwhile king, this special welcome is a grand affair which encapsulates the grandeur and the aura of the royal families.

It begins with a royal procession with caparisoned camels and local Musicians. The guests will be welcomed by the Band Walas “popular local musicians”, young villagers in traditional costumes holding Mashals (old torches) in their hands. They then usher the guests towards the Palace. The guests in their decorated camel carts proceed towards the Palace passing through the village in the form of a royal procession led by the Band Wallas. The palace/ fortress is especially illuminated in honour of the guests. The ramparts are specially illuminated with traditional oil lamps.

On reaching the palace, the guests are accorded a welcome, previously given to Rajput warriors who came home victorious. At the entrance, a red carpet is spread with decorated camels, horses with lancers on both sides. Young girls dressed in colourful traditional attire welcome you with Aarti & Tikka ceremony, shower rose petals and sprinkle rose water as you ascend the stairs to enter the palace.

Once inside, enjoy a grand gala dinner at the Palace.

This welcome can be further supplemented by a display of fireworks.