Samode Safari Lodge, Bandhavgarh

Samode Safari Lodges are committed to eco-tourism which uses natural materials and elements of regional art and architecture. Stay close to nature and become eco-friendly and enjoy the water management systems. The aim is to create luxury in the most sustainable manner using environment friendly things. Not only have no trees been cut for building the lodge, but new planting has also been done. Historical, reflective, luxurious, rejuvenating, artistic, romantic are few words which briefly describe Samode Safari Lodge. Therefore you get to discover and enjoy the most luxurious journeys that you would ever have. Samode Safari Lodge – welcome you into a legacy of quiet magnificence, an elegant and regal way of life, into the warmth of a family and people renowned for their refined hospitality.

We believe that you will love the natural beauty and want to enjoy the journey along with comfort like home.The adjoining villages are the inspiration for the architectural language of the Lodge. The walls are constructed with the traditional hand molded bricks and all the building material has been locally procured. The Lodge uses solar energy and does extensive rain-water harvesting to recharge ground water levels.